Special Wedding in Japan -GARAN WEDDING-


In Japanese, "GARAN" means "a quiet and pure place."
A place where you can only see and hear nature... Come back to nature and enjoy a relaxed time to your satisfaction
as you make your wedding day a special one at Hyakuna Garan, the hotel located in Hyakuna, Okinawa,
one of the many holy places that can be found across Japan.

Wedding Ceremony Style

Turn your memories into a reality with a ceremony, photo wedding,
and a stay at Hotel Hyakuna Garan. We offer a wide variety of
photo spots, starting with the beautiful Okinawan beach, and also
including an inner courtyard with a giant, lush banyan tree, a Buddha
statue over seven meters tall that comes into view just past
the underground entrance, and a gallery that does a full circle around
the floor inside our building.

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Open Air Bath

"Hojyo-an" are a small tatami rooms designed following the unique Japanese aesthetic
sense of "wabisabi", or quiet simplicity, and they evoke tea-ceremony rooms.
All rooms are equipped with an open-air bath that our guests can enjoy private use of.

Open Air Baths


We will prepare banquet dishes using fresh ingredients from Okinawa and seasonal
blessings of nature. Enjoy our refined dishes served with full of the spirit of hospitality.

Cuisine Cuisine Cuisine

After Wedding

You will have your dinner while enjoying a view of the rise and fall of the tides,
along with the changing colors of the scenery as the twilight becomes night.
Afterwards, you can enjoy a bath while gazing
at the countless stars shining bright on the night sky.
We have prepared a variety of spaces where you can feel the
culture of Okinawa and the changes of nature.

Get away from the bustle of daily life and spend a relaxed time with us.

After Wedding


Please feel free to contact us regarding wedding plans and schedules.
Our wedding planners and staff will join as one to support your wishes.

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